Our Team

Bethel Belisle


​After her firstborn was delivered by an unplanned cesarean section a spark ignited within Bethel to educate women on their options and ensure that they have the knowledge to make the best decisions for themselves and their baby. Bethel is a VBAC mom, birthing at a birth center and at home.

Bethel began her apprenticeship in 1995 and was first licensed in 1999. Bethel has practiced midwifery in Alaska, Arizona, Texas, Haiti, and Oregon. With each new place she has journeyed to, her love and passion for midwifery has only grown.

Bethel is a Certified Direct Entry Midwife as well as a Certified Professional Midwife under the Bridge Program. Bethel has been married to Kennon for over 30 years and together they have 14 children, by birth and by adoption.

Noa Kellar


​Daughter of Bethel Belisle, I am no stranger to midwifery. After helping to “hold the flashlight” at my first birth when I was 7, it became my desire to become a midwife and work alongside my mother someday. That day came in 2015 when I returned home from college and was told that I was on call as a birth assistant. From there, I moved quickly from assistant, to apprentice, to midwife. ⠀

I am a new member of the Alaska Air National Guard and am enrolled at the University of Alaska, Anchorage pursuing my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. My goal is to get my Master’s and use it to work with women battling mental health disorders in their childbearing years. ⠀

Cindy Earley


Cindy’s journey to midwifery was a long road, beginning with the birth of her first child in 1994. She began her pregnancy with the intention of an OB assisted hospital birth, but ended up choosing a midwife in a hospital in another town altogether. The experience of switching providers mid-pregnancy in order to get the care she wanted led her to become a childbirth educator for the next 20 years. The rest of her children were all born at home.

In addition to teaching in Lynchburg, Virginia and Anchorage, Alaska, she also taught classes in the communities of Bethel and Fairbanks. She has served on the non-profit boards of the Alaska Birth Network and Informed Beginnings, and is the current Secretary for the Midwives’ Association of Alaska. Her work has included training other childbirth educators and presenting on various topics at childbirth conferences. During her time teaching she also became a doula, and eventually a licensed Certified Direct Entry Midwife in 2016, and a Certified Professional Midwife in 2018. She has worked in both birth center and home birth settings, believing that it is an honor and privilege to be invited into the sacred space of a birthing woman.

She and her husband TJ together have 8 children, and when not catching babies she homeschools, gardens, and chases cats and chickens around.


Asher Tua

Office Administrator

Asher is often the first person you see when you walk into Haven. She is the one who answers your phone calls, texts and emails, and answers any billing and insurance questions you may have. She works hand in hand with our billing team to make sure the whole process is as easy and smooth as possible for you. Asher also does placenta encapsulation, artwork, and resin placenta and breastmilk jewelry.

"Most amazing ladies. So knowledgeable and open to your ideas and needs! I am a professional woman with many pregnancy care options and I would not want anyone else to care for me and my child/family! Love these ladies!"

- Priscilla Moore